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The best time to train your dog was the moment they stepped in your home… The second best time is now.




“We picked up our English Cream Golden Retriever when she was 7 ½ weeks old. She just got off a 5 hour flight from LA to Florida. She was exactly what the breeder described – mischievous, curious, a little timid and full of energy. Anyone familiar with golden retriever puppies knows this to be the mild description. I had asked for the smallest female but because we are an older couple, the breeders children suggested that they switch out puppies with a calmer one and since we hadn’t seen them, we would never know. This did not happen. Although we had a golden retriever before, we were a lot younger then and our children were still home and helped with the playing and exercising. Needless to say, by the time our puppy was 3 months old, we had trouble controlling her and were bordering on being sorry that we undertook this responsibility.



“Savanah Lammers, was recommended to us by another dog trainer who only does small dogs, and I can’t thank her enough. We gave Oli to Savanah she was 3 months old for two weeks. That is not the normal full training session but we needed some immediate help. Savanah explained that Oli was really young and that she could make her more liveable but she would still need to mature and have more training to be the dog that we wanted and needed. We had a scheduled vacation when Oli was 6 months old and so that is when Oli went back to Savanah to reinforce what was learned before and to finish her training. We came home to what we call a brand new puppy. Savanah made her into a very special puppy.



”I just want to take a moment to say a great big Thank You!!! Thank you for loving Max. Thank you for being at the top of your game professionally. Thank you for being an excellent teacher and coach. Thank you for being available. Thank you for sending sweet pictures while Max was away. It was / is a joy to work with you. I adore, admire you.” – Susan K

Charlie & Romeo

”Everyone compliments my dogs and how lucky I am; they didn’t see the menaces they were before Savanah got ahold of them. She turned my first doodle from your everyday disobedient puppy into the envy of my neighbors, and the process was so seamless that I got another dog soon thereafter! Now Charlie, Romeo, and I strut through the neighborhood off-leash to the awe of many.

Savanah‘s prowess has allowed me an unthinkable lifestyle and bond with my dogs. I’d never recommend someone get a dog and not use her. Invest in the process wholly and you’ll be shocked with the results. You spend a lot of money on your puppy… you can afford to spend a couple more bucks to make him or her perfect.” – Zac G


“I adopted my dog Lilo from Peggy adams where she had been there for the better part of a year. I soon found out she couldn’t be around other dogs. I don’t know her history but she bit every dog she came in contact with and several humans in the months after I adopted her. The last bite was traumatizing for everyone involved and I couldn’t predict her instincts. I was terrified to walk her or bring her anywhere. While Lilo was perfect at home she was reactive to everything in the outside world. I was referred to Savanah by a friend, feeling like Lilo was on death row. It’s now months after completing training and Lilo is thriving. Last week, i met a girl who knew Lilo before I did. She was a vet tech at the shelter and she had tears in her eyes when she said she’s a ”new“ dog. Lilo has changed because of the training. Savanah saved my dogs life and brought peace back to mine.” – Lucy L


“Savanah with Canine Coaching literally saved our home. Arrow had no clue who was the ”pack leader” and so it caused him major anxiety which lead to insane barking and running away every time the front door opened. The very moment Arrow met his Coach he adapted to training and quickly realized who the leader was. I learned the proper ways to hold the leash and walk him so that he was calm and safe and so were the people around us. Without this training program we may not have been able to follow through with our forever commitment to him which the thought of absolutely broke our hearts. We are so incredibly thankful and happy to have learned how to properly care for our dog. He fits perfectly in this family now.” -Jamie

Bode & Luna

“ I highly recommend working with Savanah Lammers. Her passion and caring nature is evident in her interactions and training of dogs. Savanah has an incredible depth of knowledge with robust experience in a variety of training and behavioral situations. Not only does she work on commands and specific canine behaviors, but also educates the owners on how to best handle their dogs based on the breed and demenour. Savanah worked with our puppy from the early puppy stage and then with our 4 year old ingrained and unwanted doggy behavior! It was a pleasure to work with Savanah.”

– Jen B.


“We were referred to Savanah through our vet since one of the staff members used her personally. Savanah literally saved my life. We have a 3 year old pit who was leash aggressive (was is the key word) and who constantly dragged me down the street when trying to take on walks. It became so overwhelming to walk him i just stopped doing it. Until Savanah stepped in and in literally 5 visits had “me” and my puppy trained perfectly. it was like night and day i actually saw results on the first session. I really can’t even begin to expalin or give her enough praise on how different my life is now to what it was two months ago. I know Savanah knows she helped us but she probably has no idea how indebted i am to her for what she did for us. I get so many praises on him from the neighbors and others. I would definitely and strongly recomend Savanah to anyone who is having any kind of problem with their dog. Please believe me when i say if you are skeptical or on the fence about dog training… your life could be 100% different with Savanah’s help!” – Karen V


”What could I possibly say? Words are not enough! Penny, my daughters Brittany, was a playful 2 year old with ZERO boundaries. On the leash, Penny was a puller. She walked in a stance close to that of a wrestler, ready to pounce on any lizard or squirrel in her path, leaving an imprint from the leash in my wrist. In the house she would tourment the cats. Then in walked Savanah, and all of that changed! Penny walks off the leash like a lady, still well aware of the lizards and squirrels, but knowing her place is next to me,. In the house she listens with the wave of my arm she has her own “spot” which is not a place of punishment, but a place for her to lay down and decompress.

I know that this work will continue, even though our time with Savanah has come to an end. Even though we will no longer have Savanah coming to the house, she continues to take my texts and calls when I have question or concern. my family is FOREVER grateful for the lessons that we learned! We love our playful Penny, who also lives within her boundaries. Thank you for being the best!” – Jennifer L

Tootsie & Lollie

”After 2 years of not having a dog, we decided we were ready. Then we came home with 2, not 1 puppy. Needless to say we were overwhelmed with two 8 week old puppies. Then there was Savanah to the rescue. She came highly recommended from a friend. We thank her so much for getting Lollie and Tootsie on the right path from the beginning. I always get compliments on how well behaved the girls are. She was the best investment money can buy and I highly recommend using her. We thank her each and every day we are with our girls. We adore you, admire you so much! Thanks for taking the best care of our daughters” – Allison and Jeff


“Savanah is far and above just a dog trainer. She takes control and teaches both pet and owner how to co-exist and how to be in control of your best friend when needed. My 3 year old pit bull “Zsasz” had a number of issues when he was rescued. He had problems walking nicely on a leash and no social skills among other things. Savanah was able to get Zsasz to walk better on the leash in just me lesson. After the course ended he was like a different dog. He is very happy, attentive, well disciplined dog. I am a much more relaxed and happy owner. Savanah not only trained him but made friends with both of us. Zsasz would walk up to her tail wagging but still respected her as an alpha. He walks “off-leash” better than most dogs on leash. Believe me when I say that to have your best friend well trained and happy can be an amazing experience and removes a lot of stress. Savanah is the trainer to get it done” – Rob


“Before starting training with Savanah, we used to say “it’s Winnie’s world and we’re just living in it”. Winnie definitely believed she was the boss in the house, which led to her being extremely anxious, fearful, and would resource guard. I could not leave her sight without her barking until I returned, she was extremely afraid of any foreign objections or people, if I tried to move her or take something from her, she would growl and try to bite me, and if she wasn’t in my lap in the car she would work herself up so much she would be soaking wet from drool and throw up every car ride. Outside of anxiety, she decided when and where she would listen and everything was on her terms. Ever since starting training with Savanah, all of that has changed. Winnie has this new found confidence that I could not thank Savanah enough for. She now walks on the leash paying attention to me and not the cars in the street. We even walked by people on bicycles off leash during our last training session and Winnie didn’t break heel and instead was focused on me, something that would have never been possible without Savanah. We have not had any aggression incidents since starting training, and I am now able to leave Winnie’s sight without her becoming anxious while I am gone. Savanah listened when I addressed concerns and helped give solutions and suggestions to any problems I had. When something didn’t work the first try, she didn’t force it, she would think of a new solution until something worked best for Winnie. Winnie now rides peacefully and relaxed in a crate in the backseat of the car, thanks to Savanah’s suggestion. Professional training was the best thing that has ever happened to me and Winnie and I could not recommend Savanah enough!” -Alyssa M



“ Scooter is a 4 1/2 year old Labradoodle, who is the most lovable dog we have ever owned! We welcomed Scooter to our home when he was 11 weeks old. Although he was matched to us as the “calm” puppy of the litter, he was hardly that! Of course, as a puppy, this was not surprising. However, as Scooter grew and matured, he continued to be very difficult and disobedient. That is, until we were referred to Savanah, and she worked her magic!!

Scooter’s issues were not particularly uncommon, although two previous trainers were unsuccessful in remedying them. His issues included barking continuously, seemingly without any reason; barking and pulling aggressively when he encountered other dogs in the neighborhood; and generally being very hyperactive and undisciplined. “



“We were referred to Savanah by friends of ours who raved about the success Savanah was having with their puppy. Since we were planning to be away for two weeks, we thought it would be the perfect time to leave Scooter with Savanah. Well, when we returned and Savanah brought Scooter home, he was like a new dog! And we are not the only ones who have noticed the change. Friends of ours have also commented that Scooter is like a “new dog.” His overall behavior improved dramatically, including significantly less barking, and he is walking at “heal command” without pulling. Of course, we know that we have to continue to work with Scooter to maintain the enormous progress that he has made. And by the way, Savanah not only trained Scooter, but she also trained us!! Scooter had 4 1/2 years of being spoiled and of controlling us. Now Savanah has us in control of Scooter, a much more pleasant arrangement!! We couldn’t be more pleased with the results of Savanah’s training program, and would recommend her to anyone who is in need of training their dog.“

Janet & Steve B.